Plasto works closely with leading research and development communities in the fields of process and materials technology.

SINTEF Manufacturing
SINTEF Industry

Plasto is an active member in many associations and collaborative arenas, such as:

SFI Manufacturing
Norsk Forening for Elektro og Automatisering

Many of Plasto’s innovation projects have considerable social relevance, and we receive research grants from:

Innovation Norway
Research Council of Norway
Norwegian Retailers' Environment Fund

Some of Plasto’s R&D projects involve several of the organizations listed above. Examples include:

IntelliMould – to bring the injection molding production into the industrial production of the future in regards to Industry 4.0, digitization and sustainability.
HyPa – create high-value products from environmentally friendly materials with low value (recycled plastics from waste from the marine industry, post-consumer and other sources qualified in the projects scope).
BioComp – develop biocomposite for components that are part of Alloc's SPL process.
POCOplast – provide new knowledge on circular economy (CE) approaches to enable sustainable value chain (VC) development around post-consumer plastics (PCP) from Norwegian aquaculture.
Wondrest – develop a circular business model that ensures that components and materials are included in several cycles of use, in line with circular economy. Project together with Wonderland.
SSD – develop technology for efficient production of large injection molded parts in thermoplastics.
LUMEN – industrialize innovative optical solutions for lighting.