Lars H. Evensen

Director of Business Development at Norner AS

Plasto is well-grounded. This company is like an established tree, growing rapidly.

Norner is an independent plastics institute and technology partner, that originated and is headquartered in Norway. The company is a world-leading innovation partner and supplier of research-based plastics expertise.

“We have been aware of Plasto for many years, and we were looking for the right project to engage Lars Stenerud and his team. Our expectations going into this project were high, and Plasto has really come through for us,” Lars Evensen says.
“Plasto has struck the right balance between grounded and innovative. They are experts at technology, participate actively in R&D, and are not afraid to venture into new areas and launching new products.”

Evensen believes Plasto has a spectacular, “almost exotic”, location, and the Rauma-based company does not shy away from using it as a way to stand out from the crowd and as an image of who they are and what they represent. At the same time, he believes Plasto has developed qualities he believes have the potential for even greater international success.

“Plasto already sell many of their products internationally through their customers. Right now, I believe Plasto is in a position to expand further internationally.”

“Plasto is doing exactly what the government is asking us to do. They are focusing on state-of-the-art technology, investing in robotization and automated production, and really pushing research, development and innovation.”