Head of the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU

Tremendous research contributions

“Plasto’s R&D activities are quite prolific. Their contributions are even more impressive when we consider Plasto’s size. Their activities match or exceed companies three, four and even five times their size.”

Monica Rolfsen’s enthusiasm is indisputable. She is a professor at NTNU in Trondheim, and the Head of the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management.

Rolfsen has worked closely with Plasto for many years, and she has also visited the company’s facilities at Åndalsnes several times since her first visit in 2009.

“The Plasto team always maintains a long-term perspective upon joining any research project. This applies to both their learning outcomes and the research results in themselves, but also to their relations with the people involved and the other partners in the projects.”

“This is a wise approach to becoming a partner in a research study, and time and again we have seen that Plasto inspires others to be more patient and apply more long-term perspectives to the research the companies participate in,” Rolfsen says.
She describes Plasto as a mature and forward-thinking company, whose active involvement in the local community and the region is another good quality she wants to highlight, in addition to the company’s many involvements in research, development and innovation.

“Plasto assumes great responsibility in developing the local community, and the company is active in local and regional networks. This is a wise approach, and together with the company’s strong focus on research and innovation, it is a sound strategy for Plasto’s future success,” Professor Rolfsen concludes.