Project Director, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing AS

Similar to world-leading companies

If we look at many of the top companies worldwide, Plasto has many of the same qualities.

These are the words of Ottar Henriksen, project director at SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing AS (SRM). He has long-standing experience from various management positions and directorships in companies and organizations whose focus has been research-based innovation and the future of the Norwegian manufacturing industry.

And the backdrop? Increased competition in an ever more globalized market.

“I first heard about Plasto in the early 1990s. From 2000 onwards, we have worked quite closely, not least through various projects and appointments at the intersection of research, innovation and the manufacturing industry,” Henriksen says.
Henriksen often use Plasto as an example of a competitive Norwegian manufacturing company that has been able to link research and innovation with its customers’ needs.

“The Plasto team has many of the same qualities and characteristics as the world’s leading companies. They dedicate themselves to understanding their customers’ needs, and then adapt to meet those needs.”

“Simply put, what you delivered yesterday and today, you cannot deliver tomorrow. Plasto is trying to get behind this; they are trying to stay ahead of the game while not losing sight of any long-term goals along this axis,” Henriksen explains.

“Plasto knows the research communities, they understand them, and they have a very good understanding of what is going on at NTNU and SINTEF, for example. Plasto has a much greater range in this field than most of our other partners, even those who are much bigger than Plasto,” Henriksen concludes.

In addition, Plasto is a key dialogue partner to SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing concerning the future development of the Norwegian manufacturing industry.