CEO, Piql AS

Partners on a 500-year horizon

When Piql discusses long-term data storage, they mean just that. Long-term storage. We are not just talking a measly few decades into the future, here, like today’s solutions are offering. No. Piql is thinking a lot further ahead. Quite a lot further. Like, 500 years. At least. And Plasto is on board.

Piql AS is a dynamic and still quite young company. They didn’t get started until 2002. Thinking small doesn’t cut it in this context. You need to look ahead, hundreds of years into the future. And what’s on offer today is really quite pitiful.
When and where did Plasto come into the picture?

“We were looking for plastics companies with a good reputation for R&D, preferably someone who had participated in R&D project with SINTEF and the Research Council. They recommended Plasto.
PiqlBox. The box used to store the preserved data was developed in a consortium where Piql, Plasto and the other partners discussed solutions and developed prototypes. Big things fit into a small box. The solution soon to be launched on the enormous global data preservation market is all but a revolution. No less. If this goes well, the sky is the limit.

So, how is it stored, this data that doesn’t expire for another 500 years? On film. Plastic, of course, like the box.

“I would imagine we have been quite high-maintenance as a customer of and partner to Plasto. Plasto, in return, has been competent, flexible and cooperative. We are so glad they are on board. At the same time, though, we are small and impatient. If we had our way, we would have loved to have access to even more of Plasto’s time and expertise. But we are getting there.

And when we do, the data storage market is going to explode. Huge boom. It will resound from Drammen, via Åndalsnes, to the moon and beyond. That is, if our dreams come true.
Which they will.