Supply Chain Manager, AKVA Group AS

Abandoned Asia, chose Plasto

“We are a leading technology and service partner to the aquaculture industry worldwide. We are dependent on logistics and precision, and we had concerns about how production had developed in Asia. That’s primarily why we chose to move production back home to Norge and Plasto. Our experiences have almost exclusively been positive.”

These are the words of Sigurd Larsen of AKVA Group ASA’s supply chain management. In, 2015, which marked Plasto’s 60th anniversary, AKVA Group is Plasto’s biggest customer. Larsen speaks favourably of the company’s experiences from moving its production from low-cost countries in Asia back home to Norway.

The company was looking for a supplier that focused on automation and innovation, and which had the technology to produce large volumes and large products. Plasto fit the bill.
“We are currently almost up to the production volumes we had in Asia. Logistics are much improved, and the level of precision is higher. We are closer to the market here, because while we are a global company, Norway is still our biggest market. In addition, in our role as customer, we are also much closer to the supplier.”

“There will always be challenges along the way, and there is always room for improvements. This is true with Plasto, too, but we work very closely with them, and we are able to solve any challenges as they occur,” says Larsen, emphasizing the importance of good relations.

“We always want to be able to offer our customers the best solutions, and in order to do that, we need skilled and reliable suppliers with the expertise necessary to deliver what we need.”

“Plasto has made great strides in automation and innovation, and we benefit from their considerable expertise. By working closely with them from the concept stage to finished product, we ensure high quality in both products and production. Our goal is to have a world-class supply chain,” Larsen concludes.