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We can be your partners throughout the entire development process—from idea conception to finished injection-molded product. Our strong focus on research and problem-solving means we have the expertise required to handle challenging deliveries with exacting demands for precision.

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In recent years, we have become a world leader in robot density. Another core value for us is the development of in-house expertise. We are an expertise-driven company with round-the-clock production capacity, and our series production is “fingerprint-free”. Thanks to our highly qualified, expert staff, Plasto is not reliant on any outside partners for equipment construction or assembly, repair or maintenance. The automation process we have refined over the past 20 years has become our third core expertise. When all disciplines work together, which is the Plasto way, there is hardly a thing we can’t handle. If not nary a thing.

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We are located between high mountains and deep fjords, in the Norwegian industrial Mecca of Romsdalen, and we work closely with local, national and international customers. Our love for our environment runs deep, and we have implemented a comprehensive environmental policy for all stages of production. Our activities are driven by clean, renewable energy, and we are always on the lookout for new materials and new developments in sustainable production methods. Our surroundings are stunningly beautiful, but also vulnerable, which is a constant reminder that protecting our environment is vital for our existence.

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Plasto works closely with leading research and development communities in the fields of process and materials technology.

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
SINTEF Technology and Society
Centre for Research-based Innovation SIMLab
SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Many of Plasto’s innovation projects have considerable social relevance, and we receive research grants from:

Innovation Norway
Research Council of Norway
Centre for Research-based Innovation’s project Norwegian Manufacturing Future (SFI Norman)

Some of Plasto’s R&D projects involve several of the organizations listed above. Examples include:

AStoR – secure data storage for the future
LEDlum – new optics for LED lighting systems
LifeLines – technological platform for longlining, with a potential market ten times the present market
ESKomp – efficient development of injection-molded reinforced plastic products
Multimat – Multimaterial systems with integrated and automated injection-molding, joining and assembly
CeraSphere – deep-water buoyancy systems for oil and gas exploration
Arena projects iKuben and i4Plastics