Our main focus is problem-solving, and our considerable expertise affords us the opportunity to work on challenging deliveries with exacting demands for strength and precision. At the same time, we also help generate new ideas, improve the precision of your concepts, and contribute to realizing new opportunities!

Design & development

In collaboration with our customer, we develop and optimize the design of the final product. Sophisticated flow and strength simulation software ensures that the product maintains the right qualities during production and use. We have a keen interest in new production techniques and materials, and we have won acclaim for several innovative solutions for our customers.

Mold design

We have a separate department dedicated to development, construction, process simulation and mold production. We work closely with our customer to develop and optimize the design of the final product. Mold design and engineering takes place in Norway, whereas the actual production is outsourced to China. This ensures high-quality solutions at a competitive price.


Our state-of-the-art, efficient production system operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The sophisticated production machinery is closely monitored by our expert personnel. Our comprehensive knowledge of materials and production techniques allows us to design for our customers’ products to have the specific forms and qualities their needs call for.

We have automated production lines with robots that ensure a uniform high quality. Our state-of-the-art facilities include first-rate process supervision, sophisticated machinery and a high degree of automation. We have the equipment, techniques and expertise required to take on injection molding and refinement of all types of thermoplastic polymers.

The polymer is dried and fed through to the correct machine by an automated drying and transportation system. We use only the best raw materials and enforce strict quality assurance procedures at every stage.


We deliver a wide range of products to many different industries, whose demands and requirements are quite diverse. We always make sure to gain a proper understanding of how the product will be used. This strategy allows us to optimize the product’s qualities, e.g. in terms of:

  • Rigidity and tensile strength

  • Impact strength

  • Environmental impact (chemicals, temperatures, pressure, etc.)

  • Design and function

  • Weight

  • Durability

  • Price

  • Recyclability/sustainability