Developing breeding cages in recycled plastic

Together with AKVA Group and Oceanize, Plasto has received research funding to see how to produce strong and certified breeding cages in recycled plastic.

Increased knowledge

The research project aims to find solutions for using recycled material in cages and at the same time meet all requirements and regulations. The knowledge gained through the project can also in the long run contribute to the adjustment of regulations to better facilitate the use of recycled material.

– In the first instance, we want to explore the possibilities of having an entire cage of recycled material certified within the current regulations in NS9415. In the long term, we want this work to contribute to adjustments in the regulations so that it becomes easy to use this type of raw material. The project will produce key parts and load-bearing structures based on recycled plastic from discarded cages that must undergo extensive tests, says Marketing and Development Manager at Plasto, Runar Stenerud.

Cooperation through the value chain

Plasto is a subcontractor of injection molded components to AKVA Group. While Oceanize disposes of discarded cages and recycles them to new granules that are sent to Plasto, and are used to cast new components (walkways) for AKVA’s breeding cages.

– This is a good example of cooperation throughout the value chain, says Runar Stenerud.

The project is owned by AKVA Group and is part-financed by Handelens Miljøfond.