Plasto and Roadtech with unique patent

A new plug enables the deployment of plowshares at speed and with significantly better attachment.

Plasto is developing a solid plug for plow sticks that will be screwed to the roadside at speed. The plug that is screwed into the ground, and on which the plow stick is mounted, has been developed with us. It is the North Sea company Roadtech, a company co-owned by Plasto, which delivers the complete system with plow sticks and assembly machine.

Improves road safety

– RoadTech’s recyclable screwdriver is an extra reinforced stick that is screwed into the ground. Tests carried out with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration show that it is four times as good as today’s plowshares. This reduces wastage and the need for resetting by up to 20%, says Project Manager at Plasto, Runar Stenerud.

The plow stick has been developed to be able to be mounted at the roadside at speed, which makes the work of laying out smoother and safer. The machine for fully automatic stitching and recording is also supplied by Roadtech.

Circular utilization of the product

A significant factor in the development of the plug and the plow stick has been to make it recyclable.

– We can recycle discarded plugs into new plugs with the same high quality. From the very beginning, we have had a plan from production to the end of life of the product, and this enables a circular utilization of the product. This also applies to other parts of the plow stick, says Runar Stenerud.

– The work with the plug for RoadTech has been very exciting. Together with the other owners, this will contribute to safer roads and a more environmentally friendly alternative, says Lars Stenerud, CEO Plasto.

The plugs will be produced this spring and are ready for use in the autumn of 2021.